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How to Participate

The objective of corporate volunteering is to raise the sense of social responsibility and community solidarity through business collaborators, to benefit and strengthen the institutional work of Pro Niños.

To achieve this goal we propose to develop joint activities in which the company's employees actively participate as volunteers and / or as advisors in:

Educational projects

According to the profile of your company and your employees, we can generate a program aimed at developing skills in adolescents, young people and / or families to enable them to have better opportunities to return to employment or educational fields.


Financial Donation

With a financial donation to Pro Niños you make a great investment in children, as this money makes a huge impact on the lives of children, adolescents and young people through specialized care that allows them to strengthen their capabilities and develop skills that enable them to transform their life conditions.

See all the ways which you can donate

Donation in kind

You can also make a donation in kind to help us offer children and adolescents better conditions for their care or improve our facilities. You can donate personal care products, didactic material, nonperishable food, sporting goods, furniture, computer equipment and even sponsor a holiday celebration

See our list of needs (Content in Spanish)

Sponsorships for our Annual Event

Every year an event is held when we present our annual report on activities and achievements, we publicly acknowledge the support of our donors and sponsors and raise additional funds that help us continue our work. In this celebration you can join through your company as a sponsor, either through a financial donation or in kind.

Payroll for a cause

A simple way in which employees of your company can support Pro Niños is with a monthly amount they decide discounted from their salary.

By offering your employees this option it will allow you to generate a greater social impact and strengthen the area of Social Responsibility of your company.


Give or promote one or more scholarships for children and adolescents from $ 1,500 pesos a month.

Fund a comprehensive care Project.

Join Pro Niños financing or promoting a major donation which will be invested in addressing strategic issues such as comprehensive health care, preventive work with children and adolescents at risk of living on the street, developing life skills, education and training, social reintegration of children living on the streets, recreation and culture and institutional strengthening.

Sponsor a celebration

Make a cash or in kind donation with your business partners to support one of our events and come and celebrate with us. Some of the events we have scheduled for the year are: Children's Day in April; Pro Niños Anniversary, in May; Mexican Fiesta in September; Christmas dinner and a Posada in December.

Sponsor a recreational outing

Sponsor one or more recreational outings for the youngsters or families during the month of December and if you want, participate in them.

Products for a cause.

Team-up with Pro Niños and give added value to your products and / or services by allocating a percentage of your sales to our cause. With your support we can add more people and generate a greater impact on the lives of children and young people.

Involvement in Campaigns or Initiatives

Involvement in Campaigns or Initiatives. Join with your company colleagues in any of our fundraising campaigns either by donating or supporting us in disseminating them.

See which campaigns or initiatives you can participate in (Content in Spanish)