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How to Participate

Your donation is about to generate a change

On the street, no child can have a dignified life and dream about a better future. To change this reality, your donation will allow Pro Niños to work in a comprehensive manner with:

  • Children and adolescents who live on the streets.
  • Families with children at risk of living on the street.
  • Adolescents and youngsters who have left the streets and are preparing to initiate an independent life.
  • Here is how your donation will be invested:

    Healthy eating

    Guarantee children and young people have an adequate diet for their development in both the Daily Activities Center and the Transition House to Independent Living.

    Comprehensive Health Care

    Provide the medical and psychological care needed for the children and young people to continue with their development.

    Attention to Addictions

    Contribute to the youngsters receiving treatment for addictions in specialized detoxification centers.


    Facilitate scholarships for children and young people who are at risk of living on the street or for those young people who are preparing to begin an independent life.

    Develop life skills

    Make it possible for children and families to participate in life skills workshops to develop emotional control, self-knowledge and decision making skills. These will allow them to face the challenges and problems in their lives.

    Educational and therapeutic support

    Guarantee that each child and family has personalized attention of an educator who will support them in this process.

    Sporting, cultural and entertainment activities

    Facilitate the participation of children and young people in activities which allow them access to museums, parks, gyms and other places to develop their body and minds in a healthy manner.


    *All economic donations are tax deductible.

    *The amount of time you commit to donate is entirely your decision.

    *Your donation and those of all other people who support Pro Niños are integrated into a common fund which finances our three programs.