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What we Do

The institution works through an innovative Educational Model focused on the restitution of human rights, development of life skills and the exercise of processes of reflection and participation in which children, adolescents, young people and families can use all their capabilities and strengths to transform their living conditions.

This intervention is conducted through three programs:


From our experience we have published the following texts which we invite you to consult if you want to know more about our Educational Model or about the context and transformations in the lives of children, adolescents and young people living in the street.

De la Calle a la Esperanza. Modelo educativo de la Fundación Pro Niños de la Calle. – From the Street to Hope Educational model of Pro Niños Foundation (1st edition, 2010). DOWNLOAD

Niños, niñas, adolescentes y jóvenes en situaciones de calle. Elementos para repensar las formas de intervención. (Boys, girls, adolescents and young people in street situations. Elements to rethink forms of intervention). (Research done in conjunction with Red Quórum with street boys and girls). DOWNLOAD