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What we Do

This prevention program focuses on taking care of low-income families with children ranging from 8 to 17, who are at risk of living on the streets. Families with whom we work show factors that favor the possibility of children and teenagers becoming street children, such as violence, consumption of psychoactive substances, scarce economic resources, school desertion and lack of rules or standards for coexisting in a family situation with their parents or guardians.

All family members go through an educational-therapeutic process that promotes empowerment and use of their strengths to recognize and transform their problems.

Through comprehensive interventions we seek:

The development of individual and collective emotional, cognitive and social skills.
The development of parenting skills for parents and/or caregivers.
The overall health (physical, emotional and psychological) of children and parents and / or caregivers.
The integration of families in their community to create support networks with other institutions that provide them with services through which they can improve their life conditions.