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2014 in figures

152 children, adolescents and young people took part in our three programs.

139 adolescents participated in workshops that took place in a public junior high school, where they developed life skills that enabled them to identify and deal with school, family and community situations which put them at risk of drug use, violence, dropping out of school and leaving home to live on the street.

16 youngsters chose a different option from life on the streets because of their participation in the program From the Street to Hope.

15 adolescents and young people lived and received educational support in the Transition House to Independent Living (CTVI), of those three concluded the process and began to live independently.

8 youngsters from the CTVI undertook job training.

6 youngsters from the CTVI got a formal job.

19 youngsters were given support for their return back to school.

15 youngsters received scholarships.

36 youngsters received treatment for addictions in clinics and specialized centers.

24 youngsters received specialized psychological and medical care.

29 families with children at risk of living on the streets entered the Family Care Program.

10 families were given educational support once their children were reintegrated or placed in an orphanage.

Worked in partnership with 27 sister institutions.

Through our three care programs we reached young people and families from 10 of the states in Mexico, 10 districts in Mexico City and three municipalities in the State of Mexico.