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Certificación de Filantrofilia, A.C.

After a comprehensive evaluation of the institutional development of Pro Niños , conducted by the non-profit organization, Filantrofilia, A.C.; the institution was awarded this certification with a score of A 3.33 on a scale from 0 to 4, positioning Pro Niños as a competitive organization according to best international practices.


Premio Razón de Ser

Awarded by the non-profit Merced Foundation, in recognition of the consolidation and high social impact of the Educational Model of Pro Niños to benefit children and young people living on the street.


Reconocimiento al Patronato Activo


Premio SIIJUVE México


Premio Reina Sofía contra las drogas en su 8a. edición iberoamericana

Awarded by the Spanish Red Cross Foundation for Supporting Individuals with Drug Addictions (CREFAT).


Certificación Institucionalidad y Transparencia

Accredited by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, (CEMEFI) which endorsed Pro Niños as an institution that operates with an optimum level of transparency and accountability to donors.


Certificación Certeza

Awarded by the Merced Foundation and the Universidad Iberoamericana, to endorse the efficiency, transparency and professionalism of Pro Niños .